Translated by Ocha'ni LeLe
Prayer to Esu LaRaye
Omi Tutu, Ona Tutu,Ache Tutu,Tutu Ile, Tutu LaRaye,Tutu Ariku Babawa
Mojuba Olofin,Mojuba Olorun,Mojuba Olodumare Mojuba Olojoni,Oni Odun Mocuedu. Olorun Alabosudaye.Olorun Alabosunife,Olorun Alaye, Olorun Elemi
Olodumare Oba aterere. Kaje,,Olodumare Mojuba gbogbo iku imbelese, Olodumare
ibae baye tonu, mojuba atijo ojo, Mojuba atiwo orun, ayai odun,oni odun, odun ala,Mojuba Orun, Mojuba Oshukua, Mojuba Ile ogere a foko jeri
Fresh water,Freshen the road to the Orisha, refresh my power. Freshen my home . Freshen Eleggua in his path of Esu Laroye .Bring us freshness that has no end. Hormage is paid to the part of closest to the earth.I pay hormage to GOD in the heavens, GOD  is eternal, and everywhere. I pay hormage to the one who owns this day. Today , I greet you Olorun, who is the keeper and protector of the earth. Olorun, the one who protects the  holy cith of  Ile Ife. Olorun, living one and owner of the thee earth. Olorun, you who owns all spirits. Olodumare, the one who encompasses the entire Cosmos. Olodumare, I pay homage to all the Ancestors that sit at your feet now. I praise the creative forces and those that sacrificed their own lives for the continuity of life. I pay hormage to the awakening sun, the sunrise. I pay hormage to the dying sun, the sunset. I pay homage to all eternity, yesterday, today, and tommorrow, I pay hormage to the sun and the moon. I pay hormage to Mother Earth.
Prayer to Orunmila
ORUNMILA! Eleri Ipin,Ibikeji Olodumare, A-je-ju-Oogun. Obiriti,A-p'ijo-iku-da Oluwa mi, A-to-i-ba-j' aye
Oro a-bi-ku-j'igbo
Oluwa mi, Ajika,
Ogege a-gb' aye'-gun:
Odudu ti ndu ori emere
A-tun-ori-ti ko' sunwon se,
Olowa mi, Aiyere,
Agiti Ile-Ilogbon;
A Ko'mo O tan kose
A ba' mo tan iba se ke
Orunmila! Witness of fate
second to (GOD):
Thou are far more efficacious than medicine,
Thou are Immense Orbit that averts the day of death.
My Lord, Almighty to save,
Mysterious Spirit that fought death. To thee salutation is first due in the morning.
Thou Equilibrium that adjusts World Forces, Thou art the One whose exertion it is to reconstruct the creature of bad lot:\; Repairer of ill luck, He who knows thee becomes immortal. Lord, the undeposable King, Perfect in the HOUSE of WISDOM! My Lord! Ifinite in knowledge! For not knowing thee in full,we are futile, Oh, if we could but know thee in full, all would be well with.