This prayer was given to me several years ago However, the giver I do not believe knew at that time the extreme importance spiritually this prayer was for him and the world. What a powerful thing would it be for every African Diaspora persona to pray this prayer daily to garner their ase by tapping into this force with sincerity and calling upon our ancestors jointly. However, for this purpose it is for all who visit here to have this prayer to pray before your shrines in order to gain the ase effectiveness so that your life will go smoother. WE do the services here on this site for our families. We are not an ile of members but a Temple that provides healing services for all who come. Some come with wahala, lies and deceit, in order to be calmed by the healing balm of Ifa. Some come with knowledge for they are to impart more information on how to heal. Some come to restore their equalibrium and balance in the world for trials and tribulations have brought them sorrow beyond what you or I may know but it is our destiny to provide the love, compassion, care, discipline, and structure for those who come to our doors. Ifa wa gbe O!
Eruku lele ori ogan
Adifa fun ekolo eyi tin se omo aja niwa orun
Bi ekolo ba juba baba re ile alanu
Iba O
Homage to Olodumare
Olodumare Oba ajiki
Olodumare, Divine Ruler who must be reverently praised every morning (unmovable, unchanging)
Edumare Oba a ji ge
Edumare (Orunmila), the most respected with adoration,
Ogege Oba tiin gbele aye gun
The pivot of life equilibrium
Ogbagba nla Oba tolode-Orun
The grand commander of the cosmic zone
Iba O
Homage to
Ati yo ojo
The rising of the Sun
Ati wo oorun
The setting of the Sun
Iba kutukutu awo owuro
Kutukutu, the priest of the early Dawn
Ganrin Ganrin Awo osan gangan
Ganrin Ganrin , priest of the Noon
Winrin winrin Awo Oru
Winrin winrin, priest of the Night
Ati okuku-su-wii, Awo Oganjo
Okuku-su-wi, priest of the mid-night
Iba Oriki Morning Prayer
Iba Elewu ide,
Homage to Elewu Ide, Orisa of the Sun
Iba Elewu Ala,
Homage to Elewu Ala, Orisa of the Moon
Iba Irawo-sasa n be lehin f osupa
Homage to Irawo-sasa, Orisa of the cosmic stars,
Afefelegelege Awo Isalu aye
Afefelegelege, priest of the Earth
Efuufulegelege Awo isalu orun
Efuufulegelege, priest of the Universe
Iba Ajagunmole Oluwo ode Orun
Homage to Ajagunmole, priest of the great beyond
Iba Aromoganyin Onibode aye oun orun
Homage to Aromoganyin, the gateman of the great beyond
Iba Awonamaja Babalawo tii n komo nifa oju orun
Homage to Awonamaja, Ifa priest that teaches Ifa in our dreams
Iba Esu lalu-okiri-oko, Kiri-ogo
Homage to Esu lalu-okiri-oko, Kiri-ogo
Iba Eyin Iyami
Homage to Eyin (It is you I am calling please) Iyami
Afinju eye tii n je loju oloko
The skillful bird that feed in the presence of the owner
Afinju eye tii ni fiye sap tii n fiko sehin
The skillful bird with feathers and beak
Afinju eye tii n fiye sapa tii n f'eekun sehin
The skillful bird with feathers and teeth
Afinju eye tii n fiye sapa tii n fehin sehin
The skillful bird with bones as feathers and bones as teeth
Afinju eye tii n fegungun sapa tii n fegungun sehin
The skillful bird with iron feathers and iron teeth
Afinju eye tii n firin n sapa tii n firin sehin
The skillful bird with feathers of fire and teeth of fire
Iba Oriki Morning Prayer
Iba Ile, Otete, lanbua,
Homage to The Mother Earth
Aterere kari aye
The special carpet of the Universe
Agbohun, maa for, abiyamo tooto
The Mute listener, Mother of All
Iba Ifa on Olodumare
Homage to Ifa the voice of the Almighty God
Iba Orunmila Eleri Ipin
Homage to Orunmila witness of destiny
Atori eni tio sunwon se,
The one that changes misfortune to fortune
Iba Aboru, Aboye, Abosise
Homage to the sacrifice that is given, the sacrifice that is accepted, the sacrifice that has manifested
Iba Ogun, yankan bi ogbe,
Homage to Ogun the bleeding of the flesh wound
Iba otarigidi-tii n se yeye Ogun
Homage to Otarigidi-tii Ogun's God-mother
Iba omobowu oun ewiri-maje
Homage to Omobowu and Ewiri-maje, Ogun's wives
Iba Ija Iba Osoosi
Homage to Osoosi
Iba Olutasin tokotoko bo Ogun
Olutasin, the first to appease Ogun
Iba Ope ti a n tidi n be tii n tori gbe ni
Homage to the Palm Tree that is appease at the base, that bring forth benefiting fruits at the top
Iba Ope to fidi sekan to fori se pupo
Homage to the Palm tree with one trunk but many branches
Iba Egbe Oga-Ogo
Homage to Egbe the cosmic companions
Iba Oriki Morning Prayer
Iba Ogba
Homage to Ogba, the astral friends
Iba Olunkori-Orisa ewe
Homage to Olunkori, The Orisa of children astral mates
Iba Sango, Oluorojo, bambi-arigba ota segun
Homage to Sango, Oluorojo, Bambi, the Orisa of Thunder with many thunderbolts
Iba Haawa, Iba Gambe-Olu,
Homage to Haawo and Gambe-Olu wives of Sango
Iba Oya Oriri, Obinrin gbongbonran tii n yoko re loko ebu
Homage to Oya Oriri, the powerful woman that recused her husband from ridicules,
Iba Oke ganga, Oke ganga
Homage to Oke ganga, Oke ganga
Iba Aganju
Homage to Orisa Aganju
Iba Mojelewu
Homage to Orisa Mojelewu
Iba Okeere
Homage to Orisa Okeere
Iba Yemoja, Iba odo Ogun
Homage to Orisa Yemoja and river Ogun
Iba Osaara, Iba Toorosi
Homage to Osaara and Toorosi, Sango's Godmothers
Iba Iyalode lode oro
Homage to Iyalode, the custodian of Oro (Oro town)
Iba Moremi lode Ofa
Homage to Moremi custodian of Ofa (Ofa town)
Iba Oba
Homage to Orisa Oba the faithful and committed wife of Sango,
Iba O, Obatala, Oba taasa
Homage to Obatala King of Orisa Oba Taasa
Iba Oriki Morning Prayer
Oba Patapata lode Iranje,
King of Orisa, the custodian of Iranje (Iranje town)
Iba Iranje ile, Iba Iranje Oko, Iba Ifon-Osun
Homage to Iranje ile, Iranje Oko, Ifon Osun (all towns)
Iba Igbin, Iba Igbin-Oosa
Homage to the snail and the Obatala's drum
Iba Alagemo-teerekange
Homage to Alagemo-teerekange, the chameleon
Je a gbo Je a to
We are wishing for longevity
Iba Abomoda omo Oosa-Agbowujin
Homage to Abamoda, the child of Oosa-Agbowujin (plant bryophillum pinnatum)
Mo daba ire aiku, ire aje, ire aya/oko, ire omo, ire Isegun, ire gbogbo
We are wishing for all good fortune
Aba ti Alagemo bada l Oosa-Oke n gba
It is the good wishes of Alagemo that Orisa Accepts
Iba gunyan gunyan ile Ido
Homage to the Gunyan gunyan women of Ile Ido (Ido Town)
Iba rokaroka Obinrin Ibadan
Homage to the Rokaroka women of Ibadan (Ibadan Town)
Iba Aje tii n somo Olu-Ibini
Homage to Aje, princess of Ibini
Iba Okun tii n somo Ode Irada
Homage to Okun, the princess of Irada (Irada town)
Iba Oro, Oropoto pomupomu
Homage to Oro Oropoto pomupomu
Tobi omo lewelewe ti kan kan o sofun
The Orisa with many surviving children
Iba Osanyin-mogboraye
Homage to Osanyin-mogboraye
To gba opa lowo Olokunrun sanu
The Healer of the sick
Iba Olokun
Homage to Orisa Olokun of the ocean
Iba Oriki Morning Prayer
Iba Olosa
Homage to Orisa Olosa of the lagoon
Iba Odu loogbo-oje
Homage to Orisa Odu loogbo-oje
Iba Osun Awura-Olu
Homage to Orisa Osun, owner of the beaded comb
Olooya-Iyun, Awede koto wemo
She cleansed her brass and later bathes her children
Iba Iyami Osoronga lode Ipokia
Homage to Iyami Osoronga custodian of Ipokia (Ipokia town)
Iba Ori-eni
Homage to ones Destiny
Iba Ikin-eni
Homage to one's Ikin (Sacred Palm Kernels), all ancestral male Orisa and ancestral female Orisa
Iba Yeye
Homage to One's Mother
Iba Baba
Homage to One's Father
Iba Araba Agbaye of Ile Ife Awoyemi Aworeni Mokanranwale Adisa
Homage to the Araba of the World located in Ile Ife, Nigeria Awoyemi Aworeni Mokanranwale Adisa
Iba Oluwo
Homage to One's Spiritual Teacher
Iba Ojugbona
Homage to One's chief officiating priest
Iba Iparipa adaso-mamuro
Homage to the insect communities
Iba Eyin Isoro-Orun
Homage to Isoro-Orun the Astral Ancestral Orisa
Iba ara Ile
Homage to all spiritual houses in the world
Awa juba kee je kiba we se, Ase!
We sincerely pay our homage,
soAccept our homage with Understanding, Wisdom, and Kindness, May it be
Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple
4311 North 80th Lane
Phoenix Arizona 85033